CASARA PEI was born when the CASARA (Civil Air Search And Rescue Association) was formed in 1986. Jim MacLellan was our first member to conduct our first flight in CASARA PEI out of SummerSide, PEI (1986).

CASARA PEI has 25+ dedicated members at all times to conduct searches across PEI and it's surrounding areas. Even at certain times, conducting joint taskings with our neighboring MO's (member organizations) like CASARA NB and CASARA NS. Our organization conducts training sessions online/classroom once per month and scheduled practicum flying sessions on a bi-weekly basis for our volunteers.

At CASARA PEI we are a small group of dedicated volunteers as part of the SAR community, but are vital in contributing successful seaches within the maritime provinces. This means that we are always ready to accept taskings from the JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police) if requested. CASARA PEI participates in co-operative exercises with the Canadian Coast Guard, local police agencies, local fire departments, and GSAR (Ground Search And Rescue) annually.

As Canada's Smallest province, CASARA PEI has been providing SAR volunteers in service since 1986 and will continue to do so moving forward into the future so...

“That Others May Live”