Meet The Team

The CASARA PEI team is dedicated to leading our volunteers located in Prince Edward Island. These are the members who dedicate their time and effort into managing and leading the PEI Member Organization to make successful search and rescue taskings possible.

Director of PEI,. VP of Plans & Equipment: Doug MacDonald

Doug MacDonald joined CASARA in 1999, volunteering as a spotter, navigator and pilot. He soon became the Provincial Director for Prince Edward Island and, after four years, was voted into his current position as Vice-President Plans and Equipment.

Doug has a private pilot’s licence with 3400 hours of flight time. He is a part-time member of the Canadian Forces with the Halifax Rifles as part of Influence Activities. He has 38 years of service and has been deployed to Kandahar in 2008. He also has one tandem parachute jump from 12,500 feet with the Sky Hawks Canadian Forces Parachute Team.

Deputy Director: Corey Tremere

Corey Tremere began his journey in 2007 starting off as being a spotter for CASARA PEI! After spending 5 years developing his skills within CASARA and eventually holding a title of Spotter and Naivigator, Corey was elected as a Deputy Director of CASARA PEI in 2012. Since then, Corey has continued to hold the title as our Deputy Director while training in many reputable areas. He has experinced multiple exercises in several aircraft including the HERC and Cormorant. This includes attending a flight and taking control with the CF-18 Demo Team and attending training for a flight with the Canadian Snowbirds!

Corey's day job is with Stingray Digital as a radio host, and responsible for website and social media for several brands. When he is not in the studio or plane, he spends his time making memories with his amazing wife Autumn and four children. Our 2 boys Emerson and Montgomery, and our 2 little girls Arizona and Hazel!

Provincial Training Officer: Darren Emery

Darren Emery joined CASARA PEI in 2001, volunteering as a spotter & navigator. Just after serving in CASARA PEI for 3 years, he was voted into his current position as our Provincial Training Officer! Darren lives and works in Prince Edward Island as a full time Facilities & Systems Manager.

Treasurer: Virginia MacDonald

Virginia has been a member of CASARA in Prince Edward Island since 2004. At that time she was working in the family business, a flight school. CASARAPEI rented a plane so she joined up. A year later she was the Treasurer, and continues to hold that position today.

When not volunteering for CASARA, Virginia still spends her time at the airport, assembling kit planes and refurbishing older aircraft. From ironing fabrics on wings and structures, to helping an AME replace an engine, she is never far from the Charlottetown airport.